Application form for participant restaurant

Terms and conditions

  • We will not be responsible for any incidents, injury or illness that may happen during the event, we ask for your understanding.
  • By applying for this campaign, the applicant will follow the campaign operation methods that the Headquarters indicate and no objections will be accepted whatsoever.
  • Headquarters will not be responsible for any liabilities caused by the usage, interruption of usage, or inefficiency of this campaign site. (Server issues with Twitter and other web services included.)
  • Applications are to be done through this campaign's website (on PC or smartphone).
  • Applications cannot be done through clamshell phones (garake).
  • Only aged from 20 to 29 is available to the application,minors are forbidden.
  • Those involved with the Japanese Sake and Shochu Makers Association cannot apply.
  • If Headquarters determines there is anything inappropriate, the submission will be taken down.

Privacy policy

The “Let`s kampai with Sake!” Headquarters promotes the protection of private information by establishing its private information protection policy as follows and creating a private information protection scheme as well increasing awareness regarding private protection information to all its employees.

Management of private information
This company will strictly manage the customer's private information by keeping it exact and updated and taking the necessary measures to provide security strategies such as the maintenance of a security system, implementation of a management system and the thorough education of employees in order to avoid unauthorized access, loss, damage, modification or leakage of private information.
Objective of the usage of private information
The private information that the customer has provided will be used to send e-mails and documentation as information from our company or as an answer to a question.
Prohibition of disclosure or tender of private information to third parties.
This company will not disclose the customer's private information to any third party except when any of the following conditions is met.
When the customer is in agreement of such disclosure.
When the company discloses the private information to an outsourcing company in order to provide a service requested by the customer.
When the disclosure of the private information is mandated by law.
Security measures for private information
This company has established thorough security measures in order to maintain the accuracy and security of private information.
Inquiry by the person themselves
If a customer wishes to inquire, correct or eliminate their private information, the company will tend to the request after verifying the identity of the person.
Upholding and review of laws and regulations
This company will uphold the Japanese laws and regulations pertaining the private information it holds and will review this policy in order to continue improving it.
For any inquiries regarding the use of private information by this company, please contact below:
“Let`s kampai with Sake!” Headquarters
Phone number: 03-6225-2977 FAX: 03-6800-3288